Hospital de Especialidades & Baja Medical Response is committed to offer and render medical surgical services to reestablish and preserve health, surpassing the patients´ and their families´ expectations by developing, implanting and keeping a certified system of quality that complies with requirements ISO-9001:200. We always try to improve our daily duties in order to increase the satisfaction of the patient and his family.

We Give all relevant information and quality training to our employees with a safe environment complying with all applicate legal and administrative requirement.

We establish measurable, reachable and challenging quality goals propagated clearly and continously measured under mnothy supervision of the administration, wich also will inspect annually this quality policy to guarantee that this will be informed and understood in all levels of the organization. The System of Administration of Aquality (SAC) will be the base that allows us to fulfill the requirements for the satisfaction of our patients and their families, and to place our organization with in international standards.