FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you'd like to know about Hospital de Especialidades & BMR

How can I contact you ?

We would like to thank you for visiting our web site. Please do not hesitate to contact us for future information. Any suggestions from you are welcome.

Hospital de Especialidades & Baja Medical Response
Lopez Mateos e/ Leona Vicario y Morelos Col. Ejidal
Tel : (01 624) 14 3 29 19 Ext 127
Fax : (01 624) 14 3 54 07
For more information, please call 01 624 14 7 09 11 (24 hours)
Email : direccion@bmr.mx

What is BMR?

Baja Medical Response has at the moment a infrastructure fully and modernized to satisfy our clients with excellence services contributing to our people's well-being and of the community. (AIR AND GROUND EVACUATION)

When we are in an emergency situation, every minute is decisive and indispensable the medical answer it should be immediate, in these situations Baja Medical Response & Hospital De Especialidades are present 24 hours, 365 days of the year, with strategic located ambulances in the whole city, bilingual paramedics and highly qualified to assist situations of emergencies and instrumental and modern equipment for each situation.

What are the insurance accepted?

We work whit national insurance like GNP, ING, INBURSA, BANCOMER, HSBC, BANAMEX, and others
We provide the full paper work and consultantship to get reimbursed from the foreigners insurance.

Most of the credit cards are welcome.

Any other question? Please contact us throughout our webform