24 Hours Hospital


We offer 24 hours service all year round with:
•Hospital Beds
hospital rooms confortable with private bathroom, Cable TV, Phone, Air Conditioned, Oxygen, and Electronic Patient’s Monitor
• New multi-parameter monitors

• Volumetric ventilators
• Oxymeters
• Defibrillators
• Aspirators
• Vital Support equipment
• Emergency medicines

Intensive Care Unit with Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Sign Monitors, Mechanical Lungs, Red Crash Cart, Airways and Trauma Management

Minor Surgery Room, with small surgery equipment and emergency medications

Two mayor surgery rooms fully equipped with anesthetics machine, Capnographer, Oxymeter, Vital Signs monitors, Suctions, Lamps, X-Rays, Electro Cauterizers, Laparoscope’s, etc.

One Delivery Room and Newborns area, with Thermal Incubator, pediatric Mechanical Lungs, fully equipped and medicated to tend any newborn emergency and life support requirements.
Clinical Analytic Laboratory fully equipped which meets and/or exceeds the quality assurance Standards and International Certifications

Radiology with Fixed, Mobile and Portable Units, Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound, Doppler, Ortopantomography, Mammography, Ct Scan, Color Doppler & Ultrasound, Tridimentional Technology Ultrasound 4th Dimension real tim etc.

Laparoscopic surgery equipment, for micro invasive surgery Electro cardiographers and cardiac Monitors with Pacemakers, Strength tests, Spirometer, Audiometry, Colposcopy, Pharmacy Ambulances fully equipped for Prehospitalary Emergencies and Intensive Care Unit Patient Transporting.

Hyperbaric Chamber (The only certificated in the state of Baja California Sur)

Dermatology clinic with laser, cryosurgery, and Endormology equipment