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What is the BDMC?

The BMR Diving Medicine Center (BDMC) is a joint operation between Hospital de Especialidades BMR Diving Medicine Network. The aim is to provide a comprehensive health service for divers in Cabo San Lucas and surrounding regions. The result is a world-class medical service that can treat any diving-related illness or medical problem.

Our Objective

To treat, educate and support the diving community

Service we provide

  • Hospital de Especialidades has an experienced team of doctors, paramedics and nurses trained in underwater medicine.
  • 24 hours 7 days a week emergency room and recompression chamber
  • 24-hour ambulance service
  • Emergency phone number and radio frequency
  • Air evacuation service
  • Bilingual assistance
  • International ward - Private Rooms where patients can stay for observation and ongoing treatment.
  • X-ray and CT scan

Why use the Hyperbaric Chamber at Hospital de Especialidades?

Treatment for injured divers is more than just providing a recompression facility. It's about supplying total care for the patient. This includes ambulance service, X-ray and imaging, private rooms for observation after treatment. All these services can be offered at Hospital de Especialidades.

The other benefit is that the patient is in the best place in case additional complications occur. Diving is one of the safest recreational activities in the world. But accidents can happen. If something does happen keep in mind that no matter what the problem may be, you are in a world-class medical center.

What equipment is used?

The hyperbaric chamber. Our monoplace chamber provides total privacy and comfort. The patient lies down during the course of the treatment and can watch TV, or listen to music.

Plus, unlike multi place chambers, the patient does not need to wear a mask for the entire process. The chamber is filled with 100% oxygen. All the patient needs to do is relax and breathe normally. The hospital also has access to multi place chamber facilities in case of multiple cases.

What are the symptoms and treatment for decompression sickness?


  • Altered responsiveness
  • Weakness/paralysis
  • Pain around joints
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Vision or speech difficulty
  • Numbness/tingling sensations
  • Rash or blotchy skin
  • Other neurological symptoms


  • Lay diver down flat
  • Provide basic life support
  • Provide as near to 100 oxygen as possible
  • Give IV fluids (normal saline)
  • Perform physical/neurological exam

Record details of

  • Dive time and profile
  • Signs and symptoms
  • First aid treatment

Even divers who have dived conservatively can get DCI. If you feel any of the above symptoms, please contact the hospital as soon as possible. Delaying the treatment may cause the diver a more severe damage.

Total care for divers

The BMR diving medical center at Hospital de Especialidades can provide treatment for all types of diving-related accidents or injuries, such as:

  • Decompression treatment
  • Marine animal injuries
  • Ear barotraumas
  • Drowning incidents
  • Heat exhaustion / stroke
  • Fractures
  • Coral cuts wounds
  • Aquatic infections

The hospital also runs:

  • Diving physical check ups
  • Education programs for divers
  • First aid classes
  • Chamber orientation programs


Everyday: 08:00 am-08:00 pm. Emergency 24 hours

  • FAX
  • E-MAIL